Next Steps

Next Steps

If you have heard something at one of our events that has got you asking questions about life, faith or spirituality we would love to speak with you more about it. You may be asking, ‘What next?’ so we have put together this web page to give you a couple of ‘next steps’ that we provide that will help you along your journey. . .

messy church splat logoMessy Church

Messy Church is an exciting all-age way of exploring life and faith, together as a family. There are a wide variety of crafts, time for prayer, a song and teaching from the Bible and is all finished off with a meal together. Entry is free of charge. Messy Church takes place monthly in the Queen Mary Centre, just the other side of the car park from After Hours Live. Find out more:

Sunday Celebration text on top of rainbow explosionSunday Celebration

Our Sunday Celebration is an all-age gathering that happens every Sunday from 11:15am-12:15pm at the Queen Mary Centre and is filled with songs, activities, prayer and a short Bible teaching. Find out more:

You are more than welcome to join us at any of these events. We hope to see you soon. Go on, take the next step . . .

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