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2019 Line-Up . . .

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January – No After Hours Live – Have a great holiday!

1st March 2019 – Bethany Jane & Bro

Bethany always enjoyed playing music from a very young age where she learnt the piano and then went on to learn the guitar.   She went on to learn the ukulele and continues to enjoy bringing her various instruments into her performing. Growing up together, Bethany and her brother Galen have played music together from a very early age. Galen found his love for drumming from the age of 10, and later decided to study at Brighton Institute of Modern Music; where he completed his degree in Professional Musicianship. He brings percussion to Bethany’s music, and adds those catchy rhythms and foot tapping beats that can get any audience nodding along!  Bethany and Galen enjoy working together; and their connection and rapport with the music, and each other is a pleasure to watch. Together they are an engaging duo, and a pair not to be missed!

environment. One not to be missed!

5th April 2019 – Millie Hunt & Dave Nurney

 This month we welcome two local performers who will be sharing the evening, each playing 1/2.

Millie Hunt is a student based at Peterborough Regional College who has a passion for music and performance. You may have already come across her at Wisbech Rock Fest or Edith Ellen Foundation’s Party in the Park. She sights Ed Sheeran as being a big inspiration for her music, so expect a mix of covers and originals played in her brilliant acoustic singer/songwriter style.

Dave Nurney makes a return to After Hours Live and will be playing hits from the 70s and 80s with a few well known 90s classics thrown in to the mix. His unique voice and musicality will make this a night to remember.

3rd May 2019 – Marc James

We are delighted to welcome Marc James back to After Hours Live for the second time. Marc is a musician of legend. He has been making music for decades and is a seasoned professional. Playing at major national festivals, either as a solo act or with his rock band ‘Vera Cruz’, his international reputation is also well established. Marc has written countless songs that have traveled the world. Marc is simply brilliant and makes this a night you don’t want to miss!

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